Back to blogging basics with AM Blogger

Ten years ago, blogging was something that was done almost solely by internet geeks. Today, it is something that is carried out by internet well as a massive percentage of those that have regular access to the internet.

With the many free blogging platforms that are available to utilize, when they are mixed with people's general inquisitive nature, everyone can become a blogger and have a selection of readers who want to read more and more, irrelevant of the topic.

To help with the whole process of blogging, AM Blogger has been setup and whilst it may be similar to other blogs in the way that it aims to help out those who are new to blogging, it is different in that it actually does what it says on the tin.

So many blogs for beginners miss the target audience completely and start talking about various other topics that mean nothing to a beginner, such as monetizing a blog and fail to explain the basics, such as how to actual setup a blog - something which AM Blogger covers extensively. Whilst these topics may seem the primary ones on the blog, it actually covers a considerable range of other topics, from SEO to WordPress themes, making it a useful blog for anyone who has any form of online business.

The Backside of Water blog is not what you think...

Earlier in the month I reviewed Clogs an Tulips, a blog about an American expatriate who is now living in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband. I check back on that blog quite regularly and today I noticed that there was a little link at the top saying 'Next blog'. Unable to refrain from pressing it, I ended up on The Backside of Water blog and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Reading the blog title, what would you expect it was about? Water? Aquatic animals? I guess it could even be a bit poetic and feature the works of an up-and-coming writer. Nope - Disney theme parks.

The Backside of Water blog was set up in 2008 and provides information on a vast array of different topics to do with all aspects of Disney's theme parks. For instance, recent posts have covered the new bins that are apparent in the park (which include separate recycling sections, showing a greener side to Disney), whilst older posts have covered everything from the entrance sign for Splash Mountain to the benches that are near to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

The Backside of Water blog might not seem particularly interesting, featuring just tidbits of information about Disney theme parks - but it's tidbits of information that I like. And plus, it's Disney - who doesn't like Disney?

Miss Tyler-Smith's Grade Five Blog is a grade A blog

I was contacted by Miss Tyler-Smith a while ago through the contact page, asking if I would review her classroom blog. Not knowing what a 'classroom blog' exactly was, I was immediately intrigued and began to check out the blog straightaway. I have to say that the blog is one of the happiest I've come across.

As the the title would suggest, Miss Tyler-Smith's Grade Five Blog is a blog of Miss Tyler-Smith's Grade Five class, who are a class in an independent school in Cape Town, South Africa. The blog was setup to allow for the students in the class to have a safe place to share their ideas, which is, in my opinion at least, a wonderful idea.

Featuring everything from information on the 'Learner of the Week', to historical resources about parts of history that the class have been learning about and through to pictures of them hard at work (looking like they're having a really enjoyable time, however - school must have changed since I was there!), Miss Tyler-Smith's Grade Five Blog is well worth checking out, irrelevant of whether you're from an educational background or not - I guarantee it will bring a smile to anyone's face.

The iPhone Blog - concise, useful and enjoyable

I'm a massive advocate of the iPhone, which is strange considering I don't actually own one. My Girlfriend has one, as do plenty of my friends and I'm continually using theirs. I don't know what it is about them, they're just...great.

If you own your own iPhone (or, like me, just pretend you do), I'd strongly recommend heading over to The iPhone Blog as the amount of information that they have on the iPhone (as well as the iPad, iPod and iPod touch) is incredible.

Seen by many as more a technology blog that revolves around these products rather than a blog that simply goes on and on (and on) about them, the posts are full of information from new applications and games that are available to download to a complete section of 'How To's'.

With its own community forum, podcasts and accessories store, I can't think of many reasons why you or I would need to go anywhere else for iPhone resources other than The iPhone Blog. Well, except to the store to buy one, of course.