Adium Reborn

Can you believe there are only two worthy chat applications for the Mac? First provided by Apple, and successfully degrading in quality. Second, Adium, developed by the Open Source community.

The former, Messages, looks great but is just a ridiculous bug–fest. Hardly anything works as it should. The latter, works fantastic, but looks like it just DeLorean-time-jumped from the early 2000’s – with no disrespect to the Adium team, I have a lot of respect for them.

Taking all of the above in account, and you get a lovely space in the market. Dawid Liberadzki and I decided to create a Case Study where we modify how Adium looks, below is the result.

See the full presentation

Most of the screens from the presentation are self–explanatory. One thing that might need some introduction is the Active Input, this is basically something like Fantastical has – an intelligent input that figures out the stuff you’re trying to do, like:

  • chat Robert
  • chat Robert and Luke
  • message Robert
  • yesterdays chat with Robert
  • Robert history from yesterday
  • status away
  • add to Friends

As you can imagine, the possiblities are pretty much endless.

Now, who wants to fork Adium or start from scratch and make this UI happen?