Take a trip down memory lane with 80s Cartoons

As someone who was born in the 1980s, I love looking back at all things from that era. The fascinating (ahem) clothes. The intriguing music. The interesting fads. Everything about that decade is massively appealing to me. Especially the cartoons of the 1980s.

No matter how old you are, there's something extremely pleasing in being nostalgic and looking at things from your childhood and 80s Cartoons does that perfectly for me. Selling all different types of 1980s cartoon related clothing, from t-shirts to full-body outfits, the real beauty of 80s Cartoons in my opinion is that it features some pretty good information on a vast array of different cartoons from the time of my childhood.

How about Bananaman? The blue outfit matched with yellow gloves, boots and a cape was always a hit. Or Button Moon? A cartoon about a bunch of people made from kitchen utensils that lived on, well, a moon. What about Sharky and George, the underwater crime fighting duo? Breaking the cartoons down like that, it's a bit surprising that they were actually a success. A cartoon about garden peas, anyone?*

NB - I know this blog isn't technically, well, a blog, but a) I love the topic and b) it's full of information on different pages, which could be like posts, which would make it like a blog. Right?

See the world with Travel Writer

I love travelling. Whether it's on an aeroplane to another part of the world or in the car heading to the next city, I love being on the go, heading to a destination that isn't the place I call home.

Don't get me wrong, I love my house, but there's something fantastic about seeing different archicterure, tasting different foods and experiencing different cultures.

Unfortunately, a little thing called work gets in the way of my desire to travel frequently and so I generally head over to a selection of blogs on a regular basis to get my travelling kick, with Travel Writer being one of them.

The owner of the blog, Connie Motz, was a Certified Travel Agent and Accredited Cruise Counsellor for nearly a decade and a half and so is more than suitably experienced to provide fantastic, in-depth content on a range of different locations around the world - something she does extremely well.

Whilst it may seem that Travel Writer is based largely around cruises of all different types or destinations where cruise ships regularly dock, there is a substantial amount of information on destinations from across the globe, some of which are massively popular and others that are hidden gems. There's also a great aspect of the blog which is worth a visit alone - the ability to mark each post with whether you have been to that destination or not. There's nothing like a little personal bragging to boost your mood.

Andy Beveridge - helping your journey to online profits

As humans, we're naturally nosy. You may not think that you are personally as you are, say, quiet and shy, but we have a very inquisitive nature, which makes us want to know as much about other people as possible.

Knowing that this is exactly what people want and combining it with not only an interesting story, but a topic that is very popular, Andy Beveridge has created a blog that showcases his journey to online profits.

Starting the blog in Decemeber 2008, it was three months earlier in September 2008 when Andy decided that he wanted to stop holding down two part time jobs and enrolled on Alex Jeffreys' coaching programme. Less than 18 months later, whilst Andy may not have reached the level he is aspiring to yet, he's already planning a complete relocation to the south of France.

Andy Beveridge‘s blog is one of those that doesn't get updated on a regular basis, but when it is updated, the information is always of some use. It may not be full of "do this and you'll make a $100 a minute" information, but as the blog is of Andy's journey to online profits, he's picked up some fantastic hints and tips along the way which he very kindly shares with all of his readers. Even in the very first blog post Andy provides some great information - "When you start writing your first posts, just imagine your talking to a friend. Let it flow. Never be false and try to be something your not. Always be sincere". Simple and basic, but very, very useful.