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When I first setup Find A New Blog, I mentioned in the first post that there were a few ideas that I wanted to incorporate into the blog, primarily an Interview With A Blogger feature and a Featured Blog section, both on a monthly basis. Well, the first Interview With A Blogger went live a few weeks back and was with Jennifer Mattern, freelance busines writer and blogger (the review can be found here) and this is the very first in the series of the Featured Blog section.

I was first made aware of Get Paid To Write Online when Sharon contacted me in January through the contact page, asking if I could review her blog. Enjoying what I read, I posted the review in late January (which can be found here) and have made the effort to return every few days to check out what's new.

The blog is actually a progression of a now defunct writing blog that Sharon setup and maintained when she was first starting out freelancing herself five years ago. Whilst the content may have remained the same throughout these years, the name has actually changed three times, with most agreeing that the current name is the most suitable and attractive.

If you didn't check out the initial review I did of Get Paid To Write Online, the aim of the blog is to provide as much assistance as possible to new and aspiring writers who are looking to setup their own writing business. As mentioned above, Sharon began this blog originally when she was starting out as a freelance writer herself, meaning that the information and resources on the blog are all as relevant to new writers as they can possibly be, as the content has grown as Sharon's career itself has grown. Over the five years that Get Paid To Write Online has been active, it has received a substantial amount of praise from various people in the writing community.

The well-respected owner of the Freelance Writing Jobs blog, Deb Ng, has praised Sharon and her blog on numerous occasions, most recently in a list of blogs that Deb Ng was personally thankful for.

In addition to Deb Ng's praise, Get Paid To Write Online has been mentioned by oDesk in their 'Top 100 Freelance Blogs' post last year in 2009, ranked as the fifth best blog for freelance writers.

Speaking to Sharon directly, she said ""This blog is a labor of love for me. I keep it updated because people keep reading and responding. Of course, I don't have as much time to work on it as when I was a new freelancer, so now it's become a more collaborative effort. Dana Prince posts there once a week and we have regular guest posts. I like to think that it keeps the perspectives fresh."

"What readers get from the blog is my no-nonsense view of freelancing issues. Yes, it's my personal perspective, but I'm always up for a good discussion, and we've had quite a few on the blog, especially on the issue of freelancing pay, writing samples and scams. I know that people have used the advice on the blog to handle tricky freelancing issues and I've done a bit of mentoring by email too. ".

With so many different freelance writing blogs, it can be difficult to setup a new one and see it progress to become one of the main players. However, there is a phrase that is mentioned on many freelance writing blogs - 'there are no competitors, only like-minded colleagues' and Get Paid To Write Online is a prime example of what can be done if you set your mind to a task, take advice and most importantly, believe that you can be a success.

Need Advice On Photography In Hampshire? The MH Photography Blog Is For You

Within the working environment, my focus is on SEO and everything to do with it. I spend my working hours developing and implementing SEO strategies for clients and also invest regular time to expanding my knowledge and skills to ensure the strategies being implemented really are as beneficial and as successful for the client as they can be.

Outside of work, however, my hobbies and interests are much more varied. From having a huge interest in classic rock (with Boston being one of my favourite bands of all time!) through to being an avid snooker fan and a very, very, very amateur golfer, one hobby I've always had a huge love for is photography. It's because of this why when I started working with MH Photography, my eyes lit up instantly!

MH Photography are an experienced and established Hampshire photographers, offering everything from wedding through to corporate event photography. Constantly ensuring they're offering a first-class service and one that always pleases their customers, their blog is packed full of information related to all things photography - and even if you're not a huge fan of photography, it still makes for an interesting read!

The reason behind this is that at some point in time, it's highly likely that we're all going to consider hiring a professional photographer or at the very least, wonder how we can get the high quality photos we need for a certain occasion. And on the MH Photography blog, such topics are covered regularly, something that really does ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Nothing's ever hidden on the blog or it's not insinuated that the best photographs are created by some type of hidden talent. It's always explained that most people can take good photographs and it's just that it takes many years of knowledge and experience, along with the right equipment, to take professional photographs.

A great example of this can be seen in the blog post 'Can You Take Great Wedding Photographs With A Point And Shoot Camera?'. It essentially explains that whilst point and shoot cameras can be fantastic and guests should be encouraged to use them at weddings, it's important they aren't relied upon to provide your wedding photographs if you're looking for photos of the highest quality.

No matter how good you think photos from point and shoot cameras will be, they'll never meet the standard you need if you're looking for professional-level wedding photos (although they're undoubtedly fantastic for snapshots!). With the posts stretching across various different photography topics, we love reading the content on the blog and feel confident that if you've got even the slightest interest in photography, you will, too.