Odd houses and crazy constructions from Unusual Life

For those of you who visit Find A New Blog on a regular basis, you'll have realised that I don't just review new or interesting blogs - there's a few, well, weird and unusual blogs in their, too.

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I have a strange affinity with all things strange and enjoy reading about the weird and wonderful aspects of life. Known simply as Unusual Life, this blog provides a regular dosage of just that - weird and wonderful buildings, properties and places from all across the globe.

Somethings are particularly interesting (or at least remotely appealing) to everyone, such as the Upside Down Polish House (yep. A house. In Poland. That was built upside down. On purpose.), whilst others have more of a niche audience, such as the Star Trek apartment (these places are real, I swear).

Unusual Life is a blog that is full of strange architectural feats - something which manages to fulfill my weird and wonderful needs perfectly.

Unlock your business potential with the help of Michelle Whaite

There are some occupations that everyone is aware of and understand the effects that they can have. A Doctor, for example, is someone who is known by all and everyone realises what a Doctor does.

There are other occupations, however, that are relatively unknown but which can have a substantially positive impact on your life. Michelle Whaite currently practices in one of those occupations and is a fully certificated LifeSuccess Consultant.

Starting off by training as a Life Coach at Newcastle University in the UK, Michelle progressed to become a business partner of Paul Martinelli and Bobby Gill of LifeSuccess productions.

The aim of Michelle's work is to ensure that, in essence, everyone can unlock their true potential. It may sound like a bit of a cliche or a bit cheesy to some, but a lot of what Michelle says and practices is very true and that everyone, to a certain degree, can achieve whatever they set out to - as long as they receive the proper advice and guidance to be able to do so along the way.

There's a lot of interesting information on Michelle Whaite's blog, include a podcast entitled ‘Think and Grow Rich!'. Whether you feel that Michelle's work is fatnastic or not, a lot of the resources, including this podcast, are completely free and so the blog is worth five minutes of anyone's time.

An education in making money online with The University Kid

For anyone who has ever looked into making money online, you'll have realised two things.

1. There seems to be an infinite amount of websites telling you how to make money in various different ways on the internet

2. Most of these websites are, to a certain extent, scams

Fortunately, with a little digging around, there are several websites and blogs that are absolutely fantastic and The University Kid is one of them. The blog of Jason Pereira, it was set up in 2007 (although it changed hands temporarily back in 2009, it's now being run again by Jason) and has the aim of bringing it's readers everything they "need to know about internet marketing, making money online and entrepreneurship". Sound like something you've heard on other money making blogs? Well, I can guarantee that this one is different.

With most blogs in this sector, a lot of them tell you the wonders of making money online, but they very rarely deliver the goods and tell you what to do. The University Kid, however, actually gives step-by-step instructions on how you can profit from a range of different online methods. Take his recent post on how to make money with Adsense as an example. Jason goes through, in a very in-depth manner, exactly how you can make regular money using techniques which are extremely simple and straightforward to implement. We might not be talking mega-bucks, but the resources are there for you to build on and develop further. Plus, all of this information is completely free. What more could you ask for?

Got a few freelance writing questions you want answering?

Set up in the May of 2006 by Diana Burrell and Linda Formichelli as an expansaion of their popular newsletter, both Diana and Linda are accomplished writers themselves, publishing two books together and writing on a regular basis for a vast array of popular publications.

Whilst the blog in its entirety is useful to writers, there's a particular section in The Renegade Writer blog that I like a lot (aside from the fantastic training courses that they offer) and that is the ‘You Ask, We Answer' section. Full of questions that a lot of freelance writers want answering but aren't too sure where to find the answers, the blog answers everything from whether or not you should write for free temporarily to how to sell reprints of your work. Somewhat dull and boring to non-writers, but invaluable information to those who are, or are looking to be, freelance writers.

Packed full of information for freelance writers to take note of to help them along the way, along with All Freelance Writing, Freelance Writing Jobs and About.com Freelance Writing, The Renegade Writer is one of those blogs that any writer should be checking out on a regular basis.